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Professor Phil Lewis

Dear Friends,

In 1987, the Public Service and External Service Affairs Committee of the ASLA recognized the need to expand our efforts in informing society about our concerns in regard to our favorite focus- 'the land.'

"Although it may be remote that in fact we will ever succeed in convincing our political leaders that a national growth plan is needed, we must be about the business of telling others how important this is to us. Phil Lewis has agreed to chair the task force to explore devices to help build awareness about the need to carefully plan our nation's land use. Phil will be exploring devices linking our schools together to create a national event to publicize the needs. We look forward to reviewing the specific plan at our mid-year meeting."

On 9 January 1987 President Roger Martin confirmed my appointment .

My first task was fulfilled by appointing the growth Strategy Awareness Committee representing the various regions of the nation.

Based upon my recent and past experiences, focused on regional design (not planning), I quickly produced a document that I hoped would stir the Committee's discussion.

"As a beginning in our efforts to move toward a growth strategy awareness plan, I am sending the enclosed materials, comprising two seperate packages; the first is this introductory, comprehensive proposal to serve as a talking paper in our deliberations. My intention here has been to suggest areas of concern and appropriate procedures for response that would allow us, as landscape architects, to work locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally, cooperating together and with others to achieve important goals. The approach is simplistic, amounting to a sort of slide show on paper, but perhaps it will give us an initial arena for discussion. The second package is a large set of background files relevant to my working proposal. I offer these for your interest and as a first offering in what I hope can be an extensive exchange of materials and ideas as we proceed with our task."

Interesting discussions did occur but unfortunately my heart surgeries intervened and my further contributions slowed to a trickle. Now, twenty years later and in reasonably good health at age 82, I have just completed a review and update on a "Regional Design Process" that could and should be applied to every capitol of the world. My last twenty years have been documented as a model in the capitol-state university city of Madison, Wisconsin as a 'beginning.'

To assist in encouraging a new stirring within our vital profession I offer this new website which covers much of my regional design endeavors including the '1987- Task Force Report.'


I believe a.) our original task force, b.) the members of our profession recognized with the ASLA medal and c.) the recognized leadership demonstrated by Stewart Udall and Al Gore working closely with d.) the ASLA and IFLA staff could make it happen!

Best Regards,

Phil Lewis



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