Monarda didyma (Bee balm)

monarda (15K)
The first flower that we ever saw a hummingbird nectaring at was Bee balm. We were in northern Wisconsin near Bayfield (which is on Lake Superior) and we were at Blue Vista Farm, a commercial flower, fruit and vegetable farm. Go to Blue Vista Farm Visit page for more of the story.
Monarda didyma Bee balm comes in different colors such as red and purple. There is also a native bee balm, Monarda fistulosa, which is a pink color. We have tried all of these different colors of Bee Balm, and the hummingbirds' most favorite color in our yard is the red, specifically, the Jacob Cline variety. This is an essential hummingbird flower in our yard. In fact, when it is blooming, the hummingbirds are rarely at any other flowers. The only downside of this plant is that the bloom period is relatively short.
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