Impatiens capensis Spotted jewelweed


The hummers give spotted jewelweed a 5 star recommendation. It was a little struggle for us to get this plant going in our yard. We were given some plants that we thought were spotted jewelweed. When the flowers opened, they were yellow. This was Impatiens pallida, yellow jewelweed, which is related to spotted jewelweed. Although the bumblebees were all over these flowers, the hummingbirds avoided them like the plague. Both types of jewelweed are also known as 'touch-me-not' because the seed pods explode when lightly touched. This proved to be a problem for us because we wanted to eliminate the yellow jewelweed, but we did not know which plants had yellow flowers until the flowers opened.
Over time, we have diminished the amount of yellow jewelweed and our spotted jewelweed has spread throughout several garden areas. These plants have very short shallow roots and are very easy to pull. This is a plant that performs best in moist to wet soil and in part-sun, part-shade. The leaves droop in heat with direct sunlight. If one wants to move an established plant, this should be done when the plants are in the seedling stage. Transplant success diminishes as the plants become taller.

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