Hummingbird Gardening in the Upper Midwest

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This current website address will be maintained until June 2014. But, we have a new, easier to remember address that is functional now. You can find this entire website at our new address: Please be sure to update your bookmarks.

Upcoming Hummingbird Gardening presentations
On Saturday, April 12, 2014, we will be presenting our Gardening for Hummingbirds program at Wild Birds Unlimited in Madison, WI. You can RSVP for the presentation at Wild Birds Unlimited 2014 Seminars

Eastern Screech Owl in our Backyard
Our second favorite birds behind hummingbirds are owls. Here is how we attracted an Eastern Screech Owl (or, we should more correctly say, two eastern screech owls) to our backyard.
We thank Bob and Jan Ross, owners of Wild Birds Unlimited for their generous donation of numerous items for our door prize drawing for the 2013 Garden Tour. Also, a tremendous thanks to Dave Fiala, store manager for the east side location of The Camera Company for their donation of items for the door prize drawing last year.


Welcome to our web site of hummingbird gardening. We have been into this for 14 years and have learned from books, experts around the country and our own trial and error. Below are links to our Gallery of Hummingbird Flowers (with a hummingbird at each flower) and our newsletter, The Hummingbird Nectar News (previously, the Dane County Nectar News). The hummingbird nectar news is no longer mailed as hard copies. Periodic updates are sent by email. If you wish to join our email distribution list (we never share your email address with anyone else), please send an email to Kathi at her address listed at the bottom of this page.

Thank you to everyone who came to hear our Gardening for Hummingbirds program at the Wisconsin Public Television Garden Expo. If are looking for the handout, Hummingbird Gardening for Northern Gardeners, the link is below.

Please consider becoming members of the Hummer/Bird Study Group. This is a very worthy organization that is devoted to the study and preservation of neotropical migrants.

Our friend, Donald Mitchell, in Red Wing, Minnesota has a wonderful blog at Gardening to attract hummingbirds, nature's glittering fragments of the rainbow

The photo gallery is not a complete listing of hummingbirds seen at different flowers in our yard. The gallery of hummingbird flowers was updated in January 2014 to include Salvia atrocyanea, Salvia amistad, Salvia macrophylla, Russelia, Canna 'Robert Kemp' and Sinnengia sellovii.
All of the pictures in the Gallery of Hummingbird Flowers are from our yard.

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