Salvia guaranitica(Argentine skies)

The different varieties of Salvia guaranitica are among the premier hummingbird flowers in our garden. This is Argentine skies... a lighter blue color than regular Salvia guarantica or Black and Blue. Although others have described that hummers may not use Argentine skies as much as the other Salvia guaraniticas, we have not noticed any difference in the varieties. As with all of the Salvia guaraniticas, these are grown as annuals in our zone 4/5 yard. We dug up the tubers at the end of the growing season in 2004 and will try to plant these in 2005. (See update below.)
Salvia guaranitica is not widely available from our local nurseries, so we rely heavily on mail order nurseries.

Update, April 2005:Saving the tubers and replanting in the spring was a failed experiment for us. The Salvia guaranitica tubers were dead.

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