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The Instruction of Amenemope
A Critical Edition and Commentary

Prolegomenon and Prologue

The following PDF files are a slightly modified version of my 2002 Ph.D. dissertation. They are Copyright © 2002 by James Roger Black.

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Section Zero:
Opening Material
Title Page
Copyright Page
Signature Page
Front Matter
Section One: Prolegomenon to Amenemope
1:  Historical Context: Egypt and the Ancient Near East
2:  Literary Context: Writing and Maat in Ancient Egypt
3:  Chronological Context: Witnesses, Dating, and Authorship
4:  Theological Context: Amenemope and the Hebrew Bible
Section Two:
The Prologue of Amenemope
Introductory Notes
Prologue, Part A: Purpose
Prologue, Part B: Author
Prologue, Part C: Recipient
Hieroglyphic Text and Translation
Section Three: Auxiliary Material
Appendix I: Nakht and Nakhtmin
Appendix II: Parallels with the Words of the Wise
Appendix III: The House that Amenemope Built
Appendix IV: Epigraphs

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