Research Data Management Across the Disciplines

LIS 341 (1 credit)

  • When: Week of June 10, 2013 (5 mornings; homework in afternoons)
  • Instructor: Dorothea Salo

This course prepares graduate students (including research assistants and dissertators) to look after research-generated data responsibly. Assignments and activities will be tailored to students' own disciplines and research projects. Students will at minimum leave class with a sensible data-management plan for the entire data lifecycle of one research project.

Topics will include:

  • Data-management policies (UW-Madison, journals, funders, individual projects)
  • Organizing and naming data files; data workflows
  • Short-term data hygiene (backups, versioning tools)
  • Long-term data archiving
  • Data publishing and sharing
  • File-format management (including standards where available)
  • Metadata (including standards where available)
  • Finding, reusing, and citing existing datasets
  • Law relevant to data management (intellectual-property law, human-subjects protection law such as HIPAA and FERPA)
  • Data security; managing sensitive data
  • Resources (instructional, human, technological) that help with data management

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  • Workshops or brownbags
  • Seminar series
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  • Student-organization events

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Ask course instructor Dorothea Salo (email salo at; call 265-4733; come to 4261 Helen C. White Hall).